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Understanding the World

UtW - The best subject of all!

Our Understanding the World curriculum has been worked around our amazing outside environment. We are lucky enough to have an orchard, which helps us learn about the seasonal changes that occur, and this happens before our very eyes, making it very real and tangible for the children.

We bug hunt and bird watch from our hide and look at the trees changing with seasons and can see first-hand the wonderful things that nature does.

The outside environment helps us to learn the importance of why we need to reuse, reduce and recycle to save and respect our natural world.

We have recently made a Discovery Centre where the children can sit and look at natural objects, books and talk about the pictures and information on the walls; with staff members, who embed what they have seen and learnt.

Learning about cultural differences is also an important part of the UtW curriculum, and we are enthusiastic to learn about different customs and stories from different religions, to taste different foods and make and do activities relating to each festival.  Another important part is Culture Wheels, each child will have the chance to complete one and talk about it to the rest of the class. It gives each child the chance to celebrate how unique and special and individual they are.

We want all our children to be as safe as possibles so the UtW curriculum tackles online safety, and we follow NSPCC Pants are Private.

There are 101 things a child could learn, relating to UtW ; the community, People Who Help Us and how to care and look after pets. Our aim is to make all this learning interesting and enjoyable and something that remains with them forever.